I sent a return, have you received it?

It takes about a week for your return to come to us and be processed. As soon as we have received your goods, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail from us.

In your shipping confirmation there is normally a tracking number for your return shipment, which you can use to find out where your order is at.

To avoid a payment reminder from Klarna, we recommend that you do one of the following:

  • Pay your entire invoice. We will refund you when the return is approved. Shipping costs are not refunded.
  • Report return to Klarna in their app, online at https://www.klarna.com/  Then your invoice will be paused until we have handled your return. It will then be credited if you returned the entire order. If you returned parts of the order, a new and updated invoice will be sent out instead.


For further questions, contact webshop@icebug.se.

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